Agnès Ferla
La fête de Méropé

Using a variety of supports including costume, video, wallpaper and performance, Agnès Ferla examines painting and the different ways in which it can be presented.  Here, she revisits the theme of appearance and disappearance echoing the myth of the Pleiade Merope, interpreted through original choreography which is filmed and projected onto a double partition.  A montage of images extracted from the video is shown on a wall panel in the manner of a monumental fresco.  Designs inspired by three of the artist’s works have been photographed and printed onto fabric to make the costumes which become living paintings when accompanied by dance movements against a background of lakes and mountains and ghostly presences when suspended from branches in the exhibition space.

Supported by Ville de Lausanne and DANSOMETRE – espace de création & recherche chorégraphique

26 March – 12 May 2024

Wednesday to Sunday, 14h – 18h


→ Mardi 26 mars 18h – 21h

La fête de Méropé, performance. Choreography Valentine Paley, with Faustine Moret and Valentine Paley.
Free entry, no registration
→ Friday 26 April 19h – 20h

Le Français c’est tout un art, visit for non-French speakers
→ Sunday 28 April 15h – 16h30

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