Elisa Larvego
En tous lieux (Everywhere)

Restricted places and zones temporarily occupied because of social upheaval or exile, are at the heart of Elisa Larvego’s artistic research.  Since 2016, she has been documenting the relationship between exiles and the volunteers who, by their work and their presence, try to offer an appropriate reception.  This exhibition presents Elisa Larvego’s photographic account of the Calais ‘jungle’, the Maurice-Scève squat in Lyon and the refuge at Briançon which lies at the foot of Montgenèvre, a dangerous high passage on the trail between Italy and France.  Original video and audio installations round off the exhibition by giving the floor to refugees as well as to the helpers at Calais and Briançon.

The artist’s personal gaze offers a portrait which combines documentary and imagination about a reality on the fringes of our society.

The photographic part of the exhibition is supported by the Centre national des arts plastiques (National centre for the visual arts), the Republic and Canton of Geneva, the City of Geneva, Lancy town, Astrapia, the Engelberts Foundation and the Swiss Foundation for culture.

24 September – 12 November 2023

Wednesday to Sunday, 14h – 18h


→ Saturday 23 September, 16h – 19h

French is an art!
→ Sunday 1 October 15h – 16h

Round table on the themes of the exhibition with avec Elisa Larvego, Mustapha El Miri (lecturer at the university Aix-Marseille, Sophie Watt (lecturer at Sheffield University) et Elio Panese (associated researcher for Border Forensics).
→ Sunday 8 October 16h – 17h30

Family visit (from 4 years old)
→ Wednesday 11 October 15h – 16h

Readings by Douna Loup, writer
→ Sunday 5 November 17h – 18h

Finissage in the presence of the artist
→ Sunday 12 November

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