Aurélien Martin

Our gaze is drawn to the shape of a building emerging from the gloom.  The glow from a neon light illuminates the pavement and invites us along a path leading to a door.  Having warmed their hands in front of the fire which crackles in the courtyard, the visitor enters.  The light that filters through the windows reveals that snow is beginning to fall.  We see that we have plunged into a universe populated with strange objects.  Although there are hints of functionality, the textures and colours of the objects and the materials they are made of, resist definite categorisation. 

By offering both an introspective experience as well as an invitation to question what we are seeing, FIVE MINUTES BEFORE MIDNIGHT proposes a reflection on the status and use of what is perceived as an object of art.

24 January – 10 March 2024

Wednesday to Sunday, 14h – 18h


Opening and catering by Aurore Buffat
→ Tuesday 23 January, 18h – 21h

A sound interval to resonate with the exhibition with Alan Bolumar
→ Saturday 10 February 16h – 17h

Visit and a recorded conversation at the exhibition with Anaïs Wenger
→ Sunday 10 March 16h – 17h

Events are free and no registration is required

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