La Ferme de

Anouchka Perez
Julia Sørensen

, and so forth.

The words “and so forth” suggest the continuation of a phrase, redundancy in a chain of events which is not given an ending.  Anouchka Perez and Julia Sørensen offer us the possibility of an open-ended and flexible story containing a series of superimposed trails which fragment and diversify. Meticulously transcribed onto the walls or exploded into space, words are at the heart of the work of these two artists.  Anouchka Perez’ constructions made from wood boards, harbour an investigation into language, its meaning and its graphical composition.  Through an apparently anarchic sculpture of wood and mirrors, she asks us to analyse enigmatic signs and to question our ways of communicating.  Hidden, yet paradoxically more clearly revealed, are the visual impact of words and their range of meaning, a challenge to the assumptions of the observer.  By using the mirror to guide our gaze, the artist underlines the context of the terms she chooses.  The space-time aspect of subjective interpretation is reflected on the surface of the words or crumbles into many fragments; it becomes an object, sign and expression simultaneously.

Having stopped drawing for more than fifteen years in order to concentrate on a writing project, Julia Sørensen has returned to the use of images and their narrative potential.  For this exhibition, using photographs taken with her telephone, two groups of drawings depict fragments of forest landscapes.  Drawings and stories hold a dialogue with the collected or composed texts, interrogating each other without seeking dominance.  The theme of the forest, which is often part of Julia Sørensen’s vision, appears in her work like a stage set where fiction and reality mix and open a space for imagination to meet with the constraints of reality. Drawing on an archive of images and texts, these works emerge from organised series and by assembly.  By tinkering with the senses, she creates sequences which seem to be able to continually reshape themselves.Between text and image, structure and language, scraps of stories develop which mean little at first glance, or their meaning gradually fades, or they re-invent themselves or re-discover themselves, ……., and so forth.
///Anoucka Perez
///Julia Sørensen