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from 6 September to 5 October 2014

From 6 September to 5 October 2014, the Ferme de la Chapelle Gallery is presenting an exhibition entitled “Vibrations végétales” (Plant vibrations) bringing together the works of Xavier Cardinaux and Ivo Vonlanthen.  The chosen theme is landscape which is approached in a symbolic, contemplative and dreamlike way by each artist.

Xavier Cardinaux’s paintings, ranging from very small to large formats, treat garden and wild plants as an exalted pictorial language even before attempting to reconstruct reality.  Forms become flowers, leaves and branches, signs in the created universe linked to water or air according to the work.  The artist approaches the canvas by successive areas onto which he attaches plant-shaped objects that appear to be suspended.  They fix the observer’s attention and lead it into unsuspected depths.

Ivo Vonlanthen draws in the same way as he composes haikus; a few essential lines which conjure a whole universe.  The point of departure for his work is the observation of nature during which he sketches flowers and plants on rice paper with a firm and pure line.  The influence of calligraphy is evident throughout his compositions which are stripped of all superfluous detail.  In a few strokes he perfectly conveys an impression, a feeling.  In his most recent paintings, he places daubs on the canvas in harmoniously matching tones which convey, as in the drawings, a general sense of the observed landscape.  

In parallel with this exhibition, the Alexandre Mottier Gallery is presenting recent works of Ivo Vonlanthen.



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from 11 to 19 October 2014:

Marie-Anne et Thierry Camail - photo project around the new neighbourhood of La Chapelle.

from 1 to 30 November:

Théodora and Tami Ichino