La Ferme de la Chapelle

Leyla Goormaghtigh, Florian Javet, Stéphanie Pfister

This exhibition devoted to drawing, offers carte blanche to Leyla Goormaghtigh, Florian Javet and Stéphanie Pfister. Fragments of their respective worlds are hung at the gallery, or even drawn on the walls themselves.

In a few ink strokes, Florian Javet suggests a character, shape or landscape which hold a disjointed conversation with the blank sheet. His style is lively and rhythmic, the strokes vibrate but are precise at the same time, so his drawings are light, and convey movement and virtuosity. Close to comic strips, his work has a solid link with storytelling through the daily use of a notebook, even if it isn’t unusual for his pen to leave the page sometimes and continue on the walls.

Stéphanie Pfister, publisher at Ripopée, is adding to her series and range of subjects. She alternates colour with black in order to expose objects or situations which border on comedy and absurdity. As objects and as experimental space, books are an integral part of her artistic project. Everything can be the subject, from road movies to the most domesticated object which she rescues from banality by isolating it from all narrative context.

Informal, sketched or exquisitely precise, the drawings of Leyla Goormaghtigh revisit landscape, portraiture and still life. She uses paper as a host for thought about space and forms. Plates, knots, impossible geometry, precarious equilibrium and improbable associations succeed each other to end up, now, in a series of intermingling and complex landscapes and compositions of juxtaposed surfaces playing with “trompe-l’oeil”.